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Canadians Are Pretty Sleep Deprived Right Now & Are Getting Just 6 Hours Every Night

But the majority do fall asleep in less than 30 minutes! 😴💤
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Average Sleep Time For Canadians Is Just 6 Hours Every Night & We're Pretty Tired

Tired? You’re not alone! New research from Sleep Country Canada and SleepScore Labs has found that the average sleep time for Canadians is pretty short — with the majority of people snoozing for just 6 hours per night.

The study, shared with Narcity, analyzed over 94,000 nights of data from users via the SleepScore mobile app. 

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One of the major things they found was that “Canadians are sleep deprived with users averaging six hours of sleep per night – far below experts’ recommended seven to nine hours a night.”

Additionally, the research suggests that the majority of Canadians (79%) fall asleep within the recommended range of 5 to 30 minutes, with the most common time taken to drift off being just 22 minutes.

The findings also suggest that there’s a connection between social isolation and snooze quality, as the people who had higher social isolation levels were more likely to have issues sleeping.

    Helena Hanson
    Trending Editor
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