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A white grizzly bear at Lake O'Hara in B.C.

A white grizzly bear at Lake O'Hara in B.C.

An Alberta photographer was treated to a rare sight when he spotted a famous and very rare white grizzly bear when visiting a Yoho National Park in B.C. and he managed to get some incredible footage.

Noel Rogers spotted the bear – whose name is Nakoda – on a trip to Lake O'Hara and managed to get some stunning video of the bear who was taking a leisurely stroll through the area.

In a Facebook post, Rogers said he had tried to retrace her steps to get photos of her paw prints in the snow once she left the area but had no luck. He did see a ton of tiny black bugs in the snow though, which he said the bear was eating.

"She did not seem to have a care in the world and was casually strolling around licking up all of the bugs she could find," he said in the post.

Rogers also said that Nakoda's sister was killed on the Trans-Canada Highway last week on the border between B.C. and Alberta, after being hit by a car.

"Apparently her mother was also killed in a similar accident a few years ago. Hoping Nakoda has a long and healthy life away from the roadways and train tracks," he added.

The famous bear was named by the Bow Valley Network Facebook group in 2020. Nakoda means “friend” or “ally” in the native language of three Indigenous tribes local to the area: Bearspaw, Chiniki and Wesley.

In May, another white grizzly was spotted in the Lake Louise region but it's unclear if this was Nakoda.


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Next time you're out on a hike keep an eye out for Nakoda!

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