BBCAN Evictee Has A Message For Male Viewers After Other Players Called Him 'Emotional'

"If I'm gonna be called weak for being human then hey, so be it."

Hope Agbolosoo and Jonathan Leonard on Big Brother Canada season 11.
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Hope Agbolosoo and Jonathan Leonard on Big Brother Canada season 11.

In this season of Big Brother Canada, both the stakes and emotions are high—and some people are criticizing houseguests for showing it.

A fitness coach and the most recent BBCAN 11 evictee, Hope Agbolosoo spoke with Narcity about rising above the stigma that comes with being a sensitive player.

By shedding tears in the BBCAN manor, Hope put a target on his own back.

Anikah mocked him for being afraid of "those three little girls" in Tuesday night's episode, Ty recently revealed that he doesn't feel "comfortable" playing with "emotional people," and even BBCAN fans have taken to Twitter, saying that Hope "needs to go home."

He isn't the only houseguest receiving criticism for having feelings — even Kuzie was recently called "too emotional" by Crown alliance member Anika just this week — but Hope seemed to receive the brunt of public criticism.

Even so, this week's evictee is proud of the game he played, and he has a message for male viewers.

"My emotions are what make me who I am [...] I think people forget that we're humans who play in this game," Hope told Narcity. "I wanted to come on this show and be me. You know, and I'm a human at the end of the day, I have flaws. I make mistakes. So I'm gonna be called weak for being human? Then hey, so be it."

"It's not weakness, it's being real," he continued.

"You're accepting what you're going through. Just let it all out. When you hold it all in, it's, it's not cool. To be honest, it's not real. Be you. And if that means crying [...] cry it out. Let people know how you feel. And I feel like people can connect more with you if you truly show how you feel."

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