A BBCAN Fan Favourite Was Just Voted Out & People Are 'Not Happy' About It

"I'm so bummed seeing Santina go. Especially this way"

Santina Carlson on Big Brother Canada season 11.
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Santina Carlson on Big Brother Canada season 11.

Last night, BBCAN fans were kept at the edge of their seats during Big Brother Canada's Fatal Feast, a lavish dinner party that made one of Canada's favourite players its victim.

Edmonton's Santina Carlson won the hearts of viewers across the country by delivering some of the funniest and most heart-wrenching moments this season, and she's thus been deemed "mother" by Twitter users who were devastated that her time in the BBCAN manor came to an end.

Narcity chatted with Santina — who called in from the jury house — about her thoughts on the events of the season. There was one BBCAN twist in particular that took the self-described "lone wolf" by surprise: getting saved by Canada.

"I did not expect that — not even a little bit — and it really helped me move forward in the game. So I don't think I will ever forget that moment," she told Narcity. "And I'm just so grateful for every moment that I had in there."

Since Canada voted for Santina to be kept safe just one week ago, it's not surprising that fans are hoping for her return to the BBCAN manor.

People are speculating that there will be a Battle Back — a re-entry contest for evicted houseguests — because Santina's houseguest portrait was not immediately changed to the monochromatic filter reserved for evictees.

Though her photo now appears in black and white on the official Global website, there's always hope. Big Brother Canada has an affinity for game-changing plot twists, so you really never know.

Sierra Riley
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