'I Want Her To Feel Stupid': Big Brother Canada Evictee Calls Out Gaslighting On The Show

"Where is our Asian pride?"

Contributing Writer, Vancouver
John Michael Sosa and Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox.

John Michael Sosa and Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox.

Big Brother Canada

Warning: Big Brother Canada spoilers ahead!

The first evictee of BBCAN season 11 is Bradford, Ontario's John Michael (JM) Sosa — and there was hardly a dry eye in the house. Disappointed fans are taking to Twitter, where even past contestants are calling out the fact that this is the third season in a row where the first person to get the boot is a queer Asian houseguest.

Backdoored by an ally

In the diary room prior to his eviction, Sosa said that Santina Carlson, the first HOH of BBCAN11, had betrayed and "gaslit" him by telling him he had nothing to worry about as she conspired against him behind the scenes.

"Santina, where is our Asian pride, girl? [...] Like, think of all the Asian representation," Sosa said in an interview with Narcity. "I was really, really, really clinging on to this power duo that we could have been."

Naturally, Sosa looks forward to Carlson getting a taste of her own medicine.

The three nominees up for eviction on day 13 of BBCAN11.The three nominees up for eviction on day 13 of BBCAN11.Big Brother Canada

"I want her to come out so that she can review the last couple of episodes and feel so wrong about her move. Like I want her to feel stupid [...] to look at that and go, 'Oh, damn, he really was playing an honest game. He really was wanting to work with me,'" Sosa explained.

"I don't care so much anymore [about] what she represents because quite frankly, I think what she did was a lot more damaging to the people that she does represent."

The "bros"

As for the male houseguests that Carlson's aligned with, Sosa doesn't see that alliance lasting much longer, "Mainly because their egos are so inflated."

A prime example of one such ego, according to Sosa? Ty McDonald, who recently gave his showmance partner, Claudia Campbell, the cold shoulder for wearing another guy's sweater.

"As for Santina supporting them versus me, I'll be quite honest, I think the difference between those men and me is that she can't persuade me using her assets," Sosa told Narcity.

"However that reads to people — however people want to perceive that — that's just my truth. I think she looks at me and says, 'Oh, this is a strong competitor, but I can't touch his shoulder and sway him, or I can't use my voice to, like, woo him.' And that's all it really is."

He said that he suspects biases came into play — and it wasn't just the HOH who Sosa's holding accountable.

Zach Neilson

According to Sosa, Zach Neilson was another houseguest whose biases were evident.

"I didn't like the way that Zach was treating Daniel [Clarke], I'm not gonna lie. He was like, kind of parading him [around], it was so evident that he does not respect him [...] always coming up to hug him and tickle him and all these things. Like it was never serious."

Fans on Twitter have also taken issue with the fact that Neilson claimed Sosa was "in love" with him.

On multiple occasions, the evictee believes it came off as though Nielsen didn't take Clarke, who is gay, seriously. "It really disgusted me," said Sosa. "So hopefully, hopefully, hopefully, [Zach's] out."

BB Canada fans will have to wait until next week to find out if Carlson and the "bros" alliance will continue to run the house — or get their comeuppance, as Sosa hopes.

Sierra Riley
Contributing Writer, Vancouver
Sierra Riley is a Contributing Writer for Narcity Canada and is based in Vancouver.
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