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The Best Airports To Get Stuck In For A Layover Were Ranked & Canada's Got A Couple Of Them

Twelve-hour layover in Halifax? No problem. ✈️

The Best Airports To Get Stuck In For A Layover Were Ranked & Canada's Got A Couple Of Them

The hours-long airport layover is a boring rite of passage that any traveller has had to face at some point, but it seems as though some airports are better to get stuck in than others.

That's according to Club Med, which looked at 100 of the world's best airports and determined which were more ideal for long layovers. As it turns out, Canada's got two on the list!

Based on factors like proximity to the city, airport size, number of shops and restaurants inside, number of hotels, staff friendliness, how well-liked the customer lounge is and how fast the Wi-Fi is, Club Med says the best airport for a layover in the world is the Singapore Changi Airport.

Vancouver International Airport was ranked the highest in Canada at number 24 on the list, with a great score for Wi-Fi speed but only a few shops and restaurants to choose from.

Next on the list was Halifax Stanfield International Airport in Nova Scotia at number 47, also scoring high for Wi-Fi speed and a good number of nearby hotels, but only scoring 64% for its customer lounge.

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