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These Are The Best Places To Buy Winter Boots In Canada, According To Canadians

Winter is coming, Canada! 🥾

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A pair of Timberland boots. Right: Winter boots.

A pair of Timberland boots. Right: Winter boots.

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Winter is fast approaching and, if you're anything like me, you may have already started hunting for the best places to buy winter clothes in Canada.

Picking up the best winter boots was particularly important to me because not only do they provide that necessary warmth, having the right grip is a must when walking down icy streets.

However, being a newcomer to Canada from a hot country, I didn't even know where to begin.

Since winter boots aren't exactly cheap, but are a necessity during Canada's winter weather, I turned to advice from trusted friends, family and colleagues.

They had very reasonable suggestions, based largely on their own experiences.

So here's a look at some top brands for winter boots in Canada I was repeatedly recommended, in no particular order.


This Canadian footwear company is considered something of a classic if you plan on being in the snow quite a bit.

This is because most of their boots come with a leather upper and rubber bottom, which keeps you warm and dry when you're wading through the icy stuff.

They have loads of varieties and styles to choose between, last for a while, and are not too clunky either.

It's no wonder that little polar bear logo is so famous.

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Pajar is actually a five-generation family company that's based in Quebec.

It's known for stocking great jackets and its winter boots are also considered to be really durable.

There's also a variety of styles and colour options to choose between.

Thanks to these luxe details, some Pajar boots go for over $500. But, if you're really keen on the brand, you should be able to find plenty of options in the $200 range too.

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This family-owned company says its on a mission to "make the outdoors and trades more accessible and inclusive" and that's probably why it's a popular option for hikers and sporty folks in Canada.

Bonus points too because Keen boots are said to be great for people with wide feet.

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L.L Bean

This was a surprising recommendation for me, because I'd never even heard of this company before.

The American brand is more famous where it is headquartered, in Maine, but does have a handful of stores across Canada and an online presence too.

The company boasts boots made "one at a time" with leather and waterproof rubber.

Their footwear also has a one-year return policy, so you know you're getting good quality.

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The classic UGG boots are definitely stylish, and should keep you warm and dry for the most part.

That being said, they're not generally considered to be hiking or outdoorsy boots. So, if you're planning on intense snow activities, there are additional "UGGguards" you can buy for further protection.

However, the brand also has more functional boots for outdoor activities, if you're not set on that classic style.

The boots don't exactly come cheap though, so be prepared to dole out a good $200-plus for a pair.

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People swear by this brand and I can see why.

Originally designed as a quintessential construction worker boot, the classic Timberland is known to be super sturdy and comfortable.

While they're considered to be one of those shoes you wear for years and years, their sturdy build also means there's often a tough break-in period.

So, keep some time to actually get used to wearing them.

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This is just a classic and considered a safe bet for winter .

Columbia products are usually pretty reasonably-priced considering the quality and comfort and there are loads of styles and colour options to choose between.

Whether you're looking for hiking boots or everyday snow boots, you'll probably find something to your liking.

The brand's Omni-Heat Waterproof boot seems especially popular, thanks to its lightweight build and warmth.

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This brand has a famous rain boot, but that doesn't mean it can't do a good winter boot too.

The designs aren't always the prettiest but they are super practical and rugged, I've been told.

The brand also makes boots that are designed to last for years, so you know you're getting decent quality.

That being said, they can feel a bit heavy and may require some getting used to.

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The North Face

And finally, The North Face came highly recommended as a brand that just does winter gear right.

Boots are usually pretty reasonably priced and you can get good deals during sales, too.

The brand also has loads of design and style options that are warm and waterproof.

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Of course, it's not enough to go by brand alone!

As many people have reminded me, you also need to watch out for the type of boot that suits your needs. For example, are you buying it for everyday city walking, hiking, snow activity, etc.?

Another handy piece of advice was to visit a retailer selling multiple brands so you can try different options before picking one.

Some options include Hudson's Bay, Sporting Life, Nordstrom and Browns Shoes.

Last, but not least, I've been advised to head to outlet malls or wait for sales to get winter boots for the best prices.

Happy shopping, all!

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