Burger King Thailand Added An Unlimited Meat Burger & It's The Most Unhinged Menu Item Yet

No one is asking "where's the beef?" 🍔.

Someone with The Real Meat Burger. Right: A cross section of the burger.

Someone with The Real Meat Burger. Right: A cross section of the burger.

Just when you thought Burger King couldn't get wilder with their international menu items, it seems that they've outdone themselves once again with their latest meat burger.

In Burger King Thailand, first, there was The Real Cheeseburger which was 20 slices of American cheese between two buns available exclusively in the Southeast Asian country.

Now? Well, let's just say you can get a whole lot more than just 20 patties with this new burger called "The Real Meat Burger."

According toBK Thailand's Facebook post, which was shared last week and translated into English, you can actually get up to 100 burger patties when ordering from the store. However, they do add that if you opt for that many patties, you won't get any toppings or sauce with it.

Seems like a fair deal!

As for finding out if this is truly something you can get, one food blogger from Thailand actually tried this monstrosity and posted a video of them devouring the 100-patty burger with some dipping sauces, presumably bought separately.

One thing that isn't clear is if this burger is a special or has an affordable price. Is it actually the cost of 100 burger patties or is there a special reduced price for it? Maybe it's like a food challenge where if you eat it under a certain time limit you get it for free.

According to TODAY, the burger cost the food reviewer who tried it roughly US$291.51, so this is by no means a cheap and quick lunch item.

Along with posting about this meat burger, the Thai Burger King branch also posted a bunch of joke images suggesting that fans get burgers will all pickles, ketchup, buns and more.

The real question is honestly, what the heck is going on with Burger King these days?

From the Real Cheeseburger to the Barbie Pink Burger that Burger King Brazil recently advertised, it seems they're really throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks.

But heck, we still want to hear about them.

Tristan Wheeler
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