6 Canadian Eating Challenges Where You Can Find Out If You Eat Faster Than Joey Chestnut

Can you eat these massive meals?

A customer with the Go Chuck Yourself Burger. Right: Joey Chestnut with a bowl of wings.

A customer with the Go Chuck Yourself Burger. Right: Joey Chestnut with a bowl of wings.

In case you miss the news, July 4, America's Independence Day, is when the world-famous Coney Island Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest takes place. But Canadians shouldn't feel like they're missing out because there is actually plenty of food challenges in the Great White North!

While they might not be as high stakes as the Coney Island eating contest, you too can dive into some of these wildly massive dishes and see if you can enter the hallowed halls of competitive eaters like Joey Chestnut or Kobayashi.

Unfamiliar with the world of competitive eating? That's fine. Most people are. It's exactly what it sounds like. There is a massive circuit of competitive eating competitions across the world, with one of the biggest being the aforementioned Coney Island one that takes place in July.

One of the reigning champs of the world is a man by the name of Joey Chestnut — yes that's his real name!

The other biggest name in the world of competitive eating is Takeru Kobayashi, mostly known by his last name, who helped popularize the food-consuming sport where he once went up in a hot dog eating competition with a bear.

So, if you want to join the hallowed ranks of competitive eating, why not start at these Canadian food challenges?

These challenges are across the entire country, so that means you could begin your training with all kinds of massive meals, from the snowy territories to the bustling metropolis of Toronto.

Mo's Ultimate Challenge

If you're more of a breakfast fan, you'll want to take the trek over to Mo's Family Restaurant in Oakville, Ontario to tackle the "Mo's Ultimate Challenge."

For this, you'll have to scarf down three slices of toast, three eggs, three pancakes, three slices of French toast, three sausages, three pieces of bacon, three pieces of ham, and 20 ounces of coffee or 10 ounces of orange juice.

Sounds like a lot hey? Well, that's because it is.

The benefit of this one is that they give you a lot of time to eat this, 90 minutes to be exact. If you're able to do it, you get to save the $50 it costs. Not a bad deal if you're a hungry, hungry person!

Address: 467 Speers Road, Oakville, Ontario

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Mammoth Burger

With a name like Mammoth it's easy to guess that this won't be for the faint of heart, or should we say stomach. Located at Bernie & The Boys Bistro in Drumheller, Alberta, those who want to take on the Mammoth challenge will have a big fight ahead of them.

According to the Facebook account of the restaurant, if you're able to eat the whole 24 oz burger with all the toppings and the massive bun, and break the previous record time doing it, that sucker is free. And, as of June 20, 2023, that record was 9 minutes and 36 seconds.

So, not only is it hard, but the longer the competition exists, the harder it's going to get. But if you're a fast eater and want to save around $40 on a meal, why not take a little trip out to Drumheller?

Address: 305 4 Street West, Drumheller, Alberta

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Marty Moo's 20-Minute Challenge

If you thought 90 minutes was too long, why not try Peterborough, Ontario's Marty Moo's 20-minute challenge?

To conquer this hill, you need to eat one of their twelve-inch long hot dogs, eight ounces of their BBQ Pulled Pork and an order of their "Marty Moo's Poutine" which comes with even more pulled pork, fries, cheese curds and gravy.

And that might not immediately sound like a whole heck of a lot of food, but that 20-minute time really puts the stress on and your stomach on the line.

If you can make it through, you get a free t-shirt and your photo on the "Wall of Fame." However, if you don't make it, you can expect to see your pic up on the "Wall of Shame."

The stakes have never been higher!

If you're down, all you have to do is pay the $18.99 entry fee and you're off to the races.

Address: 2205 Keene Road, Peterborough, Ontario

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Go Chuck Yourself Challenge

Something for the Torontonians in the audience!

The Go Chuck Yourself Challenge is another one that requires a whole heck of a lot of speed.

To win this burger challenge, you need to take down the Go Chuck Yourself Burger, which boasts three buns and a mountain of beef all calling your name. Not only do you have to eat the burger, but you also have to suck back one of their specialty milkshakes.

And your time limit? A slim six minutes.

You better get your reps in because that'll be a big challenge.

If you get it under six minutes, you get your photo up on the Holy Chuck Wall of Fame and a free t-shirt. If you break the current best time, you get your meal free.

So, def a challenge calling your name.

Address: 1450 Yonge Street, Toronto & 4421 Highway 7, Woodbridge

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The Alpine Burger Challenge

For burger lovers out in B.C., there is a challenge that is 100% ready for you outside of Victoria.

Located at Fountain Diner, this five-pound burger is a massive treat fit for a hungry king. If you want to take up the challenge, it means you'll have 30 minutes to have at this burger.

Keep in mind, you aren't allowed to share and can't leave the table. If you can do it, you get to be up on their wall of fame, along with a free t-shirt and a free burger. If you fail? You're cast off onto the wall of shame.

You can also just get the burger without the challenge aspect to see if you can do it, which will cost you $29.99 or $39.99 with fries.

Address: 102-2800 Bryn Maur Road, Langford, B.C.

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SourToe Cocktail

And now for a more untraditional food challenge.

With this, you won't be eating anything and there won't be a time limit, however, you will be testing yourself.

At the Sourdough Saloon in Dawson City, Yukon all you need to do is order a shot of alcohol, pledge the "Sourtoe Oath" and then drink that shot. Sounds easy? Well, the catch is that inside the shot is a dehydrated human toe.

No cannibalism here mind you. The goal is to drink your drink and allow your lips to touch the toe.

And yes it's real! The first one was one that was cut off due to frostbite and was preserved in alcohol. Since then there have been a bunch of donated toes to the saloon.

So, do you think you're brave enough to kiss the toe?

Address: Second Avenue and Queen Street, Dawson City, Yukon

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Hopefully, with these challenges, you'll be able to satiate the hunger that you have deep down.

Tristan Wheeler
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