Burger King Brazil Just Launched A Barbie Burger & Dear God It's A Lot Of Pink

From Burger King to Burger Queen. 🍔

​A Burger King sign. Right: The Pink Burger from Burger King.

A Burger King sign. Right: The Pink Burger from Burger King.

Burger King has been doing some wild things around the world, but down in Brazil, they've come out with a fast food menu item in celebration of one of the top movie events of the year.

And boy, is it pink.

The Pink Burger is a collaboration between Burger King Brazil and the new forthcoming Barbie movie and it truly does look like something that would be served in Barbie land.

Per the company's Instagram post put through Google translate, this burger has a smokey "pink sauce" along with a beef patty, cheese, bacon crumble bits and a bun.

For those looking for more to eat, you can get the Barbie meal, which comes with the Pink Burger and "Ken's" fries with a pink Barbie Donut Shake to wash everything down with, all sold separately.

It is definitely among the most pink meals one could imagine, even if you decide to get the burger and shake a la carte.

That being said, there have been a few complaints on their social media pages about this, with one person pointing out the missed opportunity of the initials BK potentially standing for "Barbie" and "Ken."

Some have even called it a lazy promotion in the Instagram comments. Others pointed out that they wanted a more unique cup for the shake or even pink french fries.

That being said, it's still a unique and strange item that is going to be in Burger King stores in Brazil for only a limited time, so if you're feeling keen, you better get that flight down to Rio and fast, because who knows how much longer past the movies opening this burger will be around.

Maybe you could even go to Thailand too and try the new Real Cheese Burger they've recently released over there!

Tristan Wheeler
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