During Pride Month, no less. Twice in the last week, a Pride sidewalk in Airdrie, Alberta has been defaced. On Saturday, June 27, Airdrie Pride Society announced that the most recent case of vandalism left the sidewalk defaced with tar and feathers. 

"This is targeted and hateful," said the Airdrie Pride Society on Facebook in response to the vandalism spotted on Saturday morning. 

Two photos depict tar smeared all over the Pride sidewalk and the third shows a bunch of feathers spread across the rainbow. 

"Thank you to each and every one of you who has shown the LGBTQ+ love during this difficult time and beyond," read the post. 

"Please help us to continue to drown out the hate," it continued. 

The society went on to mention that they'll be repainting over the vandalism but each time they do so, it costs $300 in total. As a result, they're looking for donations. They also provided an email address where people can donate. 

This wasn't the first time this month where this same Pride sidewalk was defaced. A similar event occurred on Monday, June 22. 

On that occasion, homophobic slurs had been written all over the sidewalk, reported CBC News

"For me, as I stood in the grass at Nose Creek Park, staring at each piercing word, I felt immediately overcome with hurt and tears filled my eyes. It is hard, for all of us, without a doubt, to see this hateful action in the City we call home," said Kiersten Mohr, president of the Airdrie Pride Society in the Facebook post

Following the first case of vandalism, a photo was posted of community members cleaning up the scene and repainting the sidewalk. But vandals struck again the next weekend. 

In the society's most recent post, they said, "the RCMP have investigations open for both incidents and are also very supportive and communicative with our board."

They added that the City of Airdrie has also been "tremendously supportive" of them and that they're working closely together regarding this issue. 

In recognition of Pride, City Hall was lit up in rainbow colours on Sunday evening.