An Alberta Restaurant Was Shut Down Due To A 'Significant Cockroach Infestation'

Cockroaches were found on sticky traps near pots and pans.

Sushi Haru in Airdrie. Right: A closed sign.

Sushi Haru in Airdrie. Right: A closed sign.

A restaurant in Airdrie has been temporarily shut down by Alberta Health Services after inspectors found a "significant cockroach infestation" along with multiple other public health code violations.

In a notice of closure, AHS said evidence of a cockroach infestation was found throughout Sushi Haru, including "food contact surfaces, food equipment, dishwashing area, and walls."

Live and dead cockroaches were found on sticky traps that were placed on shelves that were also being used to store pots and pans, AHS added.

AHS added there was no pest control monitoring program at the restaurant on 109 – 400 Main Street Northeast. Pest control records were not available for inspectors to look at and insecticide products were being used in food preparation areas.

Other violations found at the restaurant included a "heavy accumulation of food debris and grease" on kitchen equipment services such as ventilation canopy inserts, a microwave near the sushi prep counter, storage shelves, and pots.

Food such as a bag of onions and a sweet potato were also being stored on the floor.

Sushi Haru was ordered to close and fix the violations, including hiring a pest control management company to "inspect, treat and eradicate" all pests. A report from the pest control company also needs to be provided to an AHS office to indicate the restaurant is free from all pests, specifically cockroaches.

Until work to fix the issues has been carried out "to the satisfaction" of an AHS executive officer, the restaurant must remain closed.

Narcity contacted Sushi Haru for comment but they had not replied at the time of publication.

Charlie Hart
Charlie Hart was a Travel Creator for Narcity Media focused on Canadian and global travel and is based in Calgary, Alberta.