A British TikToker In Alberta Revealed What She Learned About Canadians Since Moving

It sparked a debate about the seasons in Canada!



A TikToker from the U.K. packed her bags and headed to Canada almost a year ago and she just shared some of the key things she's learned along the way.

People on TikTok are chiming in about her unique observations, which cover everything from provincial pride to the use of the maple leaf.

Sophie Chittock lives in Alberta, where she's been for almost 10 months. She often shares funny observations about her new home on her TikTok page, along with some other Canadian content.

One of her recent videos gained a ton of comments — many of which are debating just how many seasons there are across Canada and if Fall truly exists.

Chittock was on the side that autumn is a myth in Canada, saying that "spring and autumn — or fall as you guys call it — is pretty much non-existent. I feel like it happens for like two weeks and then you're either in the depths of summer or you're in the depths of winter."

Some people in the comments were quick to point out that this might be an exclusively Alberta problem. "Nova Scotia has four equal seasons. Alberta has winter and summer," one TikToker wrote.


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This backed up another one of Chittock's claims though — that Canadians are "very passionate" about their provinces, and "specifically things that differ between provinces."

"You guys don't like being generalized," she added.

She also added that it seems like Canadians love using the Canadian flag and the maple leaf on everything and that people here are some "of the fittest people in the world."

"Genuinely you guys are so well-rounded. People getting out all through the year, exercise all the time, and just on another level."

She ended the list of things she's learned with the fact that Canada is closer to the U.S. border than she realized before she made the move.

Morgan Leet
Morgan Leet is a Senior Editor for Narcity Media based in Vancouver, B.C.