A British TikToker In Alberta 'Can't Get Behind' How Canadians Pronounce This Word (VIDEO)

People are divided when it comes to this one!

Sophie Chittock on TikTok.

Sophie Chittock on TikTok.

This TikToker moved to Alberta from the U.K. and is pointing out all the strange differences with her home country that she's finding in Canada. One thing at the top of the list is the way Canadians speak — and she's not just talking about throwing an "eh?" in every sentence.

People on TikTok are now sharing how they pronounce an (apparently divisive) kind of cheese.

Canadians might be shocked watching the video and hearing Sophie Chittock say parmesan, like "par-meh-zahn." As she pointed out in the video, many people in the Great White North probably say it like, "par-meh-zhawn."

Chittock said she simply "can't get behind" the pronunciation, and her observation sparked a heated debate in the comments, about how to properly say the word.

"I'm Canadian. In the 'Par-me-jhawn' camp," one person said.


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Some people piped in, saying that the so-called Canadian way to say it was closer to the word, parmigiano. Chittock said in the comments that she thinks "the consensus is that Brits are very wrong on this 😂."

Americans were also joining in on the convo, one New Yorker claiming that they say "zhahn." Someone else said that Canadians and Americans say "parma-shawn."

Many agreed with Chittock though, one TikToker saying that they are Canadian and "can clarify it's the second one."

It's not just dairy either. Chittock made another TikTok calling out some other words that are just flat-out completely different in Canada versus the U.K.

It seems like grocery shopping as a British person in Canada would be wildly confusing. Suddenly, coriander, which Canadians use to refer to the dried seeds of the plant, is cilantro, which Canadians use to refer to the stems and leaves, and rocket is arugula.


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Morgan Leet
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