Albertans can't seem to stop littering. On Wednesday, a Twitter thread posted by a local man drew attention to Calgary's garbage problem. The images show heaps of trash scattered in public parks.

The photos were taken by Nathaniel Schmidt, who was on cleanup duty at the time.

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"This was the state of affairs at Pearce Estate Park and the Bow River tonight. Tons of garbage, human feces, and used feminine hygiene products, cigarette butts, and more," he tweeted.

Schmidt told Narcity that he's been volunteering with the Alberta Wilderness Association for about four years now. His duties include cleaning up litter around Calgary.

Lately, he says that he's come across ridiculous amounts of trash dumped in various parts of the city.

"Unfortunately this isn't the only place in #yyc like this," he wrote in another tweet, which featured photos taken in Weaselhead Flats.

"Over the summer we've been cleaning up parks in the city and just like our wilderness areas, Albertans are mistreating their city parks."

Schmidt says he's seen "shirts, shoes, underwear all in a pile," and even discarded office furniture. 

"Basically everything," he added. 

Schmidt described the various places where he's spotted particular nasty amounts of garbage, including Weaselhead, Edworthy, Nose Creek, and Pearce Estate Park. 

According to Schmidt, these trash piles aren't found so much in the main areas but off the beaten path. 

"I think that perhaps it's always been bad but we're all just noticing it more because we're out and about," he said of the situation.

However, he speculates that the current circumstances could play a role, saying "increased use due to COVID has made the problem even worse than it usually is." 

Calgary isn't the only place in Alberta where littering has been a problem this summer.

According to CTV News, garbage dumping, illegal parking, and huge crowds have been a problem at many Alberta parks over the past couple of weeks.