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5 Canadian Stores That I Can't Live Without Now That I Moved From London & One Shocked Me

Who knew Canadian Tire had more than tires?

Calgary Staff Writer
Someone shopping. Right: Sephora

Someone shopping. Right: Sephora

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When I moved to Canada last year, I knew there were going to be a ton of U.K. stores that I'd be sad to leave behind. But luckily, there were also quite a few Canadian stores that I was really excited to hit up when I arrived and now, I think I'd be lost without them.

There's something about going shopping in a different country that's still pretty fun to this day and there are so many Canadian stores that I've become obsessed with.

Here are some of the Canadian stores we just don't have in the U.K. that I couldn't live without now.

Canadian Tire

This was a complete curveball for me, but I am completely obsessed with Canadian Tire. There's nothing I love more than spending a few hours getting lost in a store that pretty much sells everything.

From homewares to sports gear, I can't really explain my fascination with it other than we just don't really have anything similar in the U.K.


Every time I've visited the U.S. or Canada in the past, Sephora has pretty much been the first stop on my list. While we have beauty stores in the U.K., there just wasn't really anything comparable to Sephora with its mix of pricey and lower-end brands all under one roof.

I'm also low-key obsessed with all the mini products by the cash register and would happily stock my entire makeup bag with those.

The good news is Sephora is actually in the U.K. now and they're opening a store in London next year, which will be so cool.

Value Village

While we have a ton of thrift stores in the U.K. too, they're usually charity shops which are pretty small, so you don't get a huge selection.

Walking into Value Village was like a different world. I'd never been in a thrift store that's so big with so many weird things to buy. I've gotten some really amazing bargains when I rooted around the store, including a really nice blazer for $4.50.

I also love to see the truly wild stuff people have donated.


One of my other favourite stores to browse is Aritzia. Yes, it's stressful with sales assistants asking if you need help every two minutes and the horror of the shared fitting room mirror, but I love their clothes so much that I'll risk it anyway.

It's always reliable. The stock never really changes so you'll be able to pick up all your favourite basics. It's pretty different from most womenswear shops we have in the U.K.

Shoppers Drug Mart

Another weird thing I love when I'm in a country other than the U.K. is visiting the drugstore. I love to look at everything from what make-up brands they carry and compare them to what I could get in the U.K., but also check out all the other weird and wonderful stuff you can pick up.

    Charlie Hart
    Calgary Staff Writer
    Charlie Hart is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on Alberta news and is based in Calgary, Alberta.
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