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Signs Comparing COVID-19 Health Orders To A Nazi Tirade Are Being Found Around Calgary

"What side of history will you be on?"
Health Orders Being Compared To A Nazi Tirade

It looks like some Calgarians aren't fans of the current health orders. In fact, COVID-19 signs around Calgary were spotted over the weekend, comparing health orders to a Nazi tirade. A picture of the signs was posted online by Reddit user Elissa Blunden on Sunday, September 20.

The eye-catching posters read, "The Nazis had a phrase that covered all abuses by the state: "It's all for your safety."

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It goes on to ask readers what side of history they want to be on and claimes COVID-19 has a super high survival rate. At the bottom of the homemade, printed signs is the website

In an email to Narcity, Blunden said the posters "were taped to lampposts along Stephen Avenue, and a couple of them were taped and stapled to those message board things."

from Calgary

One commenter on Blunden's Reddit post said, "While most of their theories are harmless and silly, their belief that Covid-19 is either completely non-existent or man-made (it fluctuates) is a message that has the potential to harm others."

The Line Canada is a "leaderless movement" that supports independent groups spread out across Canada.

Their goal, according to the website, is to unite Canadians for a common cause and resist tyranny and oppression in Canada.

A few of the local groups hold protests in cities across Canada to "end the lockdown" and say no to the new normal.

In Alberta, there are protests at the Edmonton legislature building every Saturday afternoon and another group is hoping to get a weekly protest going in Red Deer.

Separate (and private) Facebook pages have been made for the smaller, local groups around the country.

Health officials have acknowledged that some Canadians are starting to feel COVID-19 fatigue.

It's not the first time we're hearing of people getting frustrated with the rules in the province.

Meanwhile, Alberta continues to see an uptick in new cases, with 358 recorded over the weekend

In a press conference on Tuesday, September 22, Dr. Deena Hinshaw explained that officials want to keep the province open to activities that support general health.

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