It isn't summer until you have an amazing meal on a patio. Thankfully, Calgary has a beautiful restaurant with the most spectacular patio scene. River Cafe in Calgary should be your next brunch destination if you want some views to go along with your glass of rosé. 

Rated as one of Canada's best restaurants for 2020, this establishment has a little bit of everything.

Epic patio space? Check. Stunning picnic garden? Check. Unbelievable charcuterie? Of course. 

The eatery is located on Prince's Island, just north of the city's downtown. With the glistening waters of Bow River just steps away, you'll be feasting on both the views and the food. 

Locals will know that this place has one of the best patios in the entire city. Spacious, airy, and so beautiful — you'll want to make reservations right away. 

The restaurant also just announced that they're fully licensed to serve you at the park right outside the cafe.

It's the ideal picnic spot. You can lay a blanket on the ground or you can make use of the many benches. 

The cafe offers a picnic menu just for that special occasion.

Notable items on that scrumptious menu include a brassicas and cherry salad, oyster and pea salad, and a beet and blue cheese plate. 

You also get options for dessert and beverages. 

There are plenty of other cool things about the restaurant. They operate out of an open kitchen and use an oven and grill that's fuelled exclusively by orchard wood. 

The bar is made out of a literal boat and the outdoor terrace functions as a phenomenal viewpoint for the nearby lagoon. 

The trees and the plants in the patio give the spot a charming look. You don't have to deal with the hustle and bustle at this space. 

In terms of their food, they try their best to source locally-produced ingredients. Some of the dishes that caught our eye include the chicken liver parfait, the "heart rock ranch duck," and a smoked spruce ice cream. 

So if you're itching to go out and have yourself a memorable meal at one of Calgary's prettiest eateries, you may have hit the jackpot. 

River Cafe

Price: 💸

Cuisine: European

Address: 25 Prince's Island, Calgary, AB

Why You Need To Go: To savour one of Calgary's lovliest patio spaces with unforgettable views.