A Canadian TikToker Got Stuck In An Airport Hallway For Hours & People Say He Was 'Too Chill'

"I'm totally trapped. I've tried every avenue of escape."

Calgary Staff Writer
Ayden Schumacher was stuck in a Calgary Airport hallway for almost two hours.

Ayden Schumacher was stuck in a Calgary Airport hallway for almost two hours.

A TikToker has gone viral after making a video about getting stuck in a hallway at Calgary Airport for hours and people think he was way too relaxed about the situation.

Ayden Schumacher told Narcity that he was travelling from Winnipeg to Las Vegas to meet up with friends. His WestJet flight from Winnipeg to Calgary ended up being delayed which meant he missed his connecting flight and this is when his bizarre ordeal started.

Staff at the gate told him the flight had left and directed him back towards Canadian customs, however, when he walked down the hallway, the door to get out was locked. He then tried to go back to talk to the staff, only to find that door was also locked too.


Just a little video I made to pass the time while trapped in a hallway a few days ago. Makes for a funny story, and who doesnt love a good story!😂 #fyp #travel #airport #calgary #adventure #funny #weird #canada #america

"I'm totally trapped. I've tried every avenue of escape," he said in the video.

Schumacher ended up phoning Calgary Airport and tried to speak to anyone that walked past the door in the hopes that someone would let him out. While a couple of people passed by, no one was able to help.

"Someone even opened one of the doors at one point and talked to me, but said they couldn't let me out and then locked me back inside," he told Narcity.

All the while, he kept updating his video.

"Still here, it's been almost two hours. This was way funnier like an hour an a half ago," he said.

As Schumacher was texting his friends at the time to let them know what was happening, one of them suggested calling American customs at Calgary Airport to see if they could help.

"A man with a comedically American accident talked to me and then a while later, security came and escorted me through Canadian customs and I was free," he said.

After he was freed, Schumacher went to pick up a hotel voucher and to rebook his flight with WestJet.

"When I mentioned I was stuck in a hallway they said "Oh you're the hallway guy," he told Narcity.

After making the TikTok, the airline also gave Schumacher 50 WestJet dollars.

"I had nothing else to do while stuck in Calgary so kind of funny that it happened. It kept things interesting. Good thing I didn't have to pee though," he joked.

People on TikTok got so invested in Schumacher's story, with so many making references to the movie The Terminal.

"Is this gonna be like that Tom hanks movie where you live in the airport?" one person joked. "Nominating this film for Best Documentary at the Oscars," another TikToker added.

Others couldn't believe just how relaxed Schumacher was about the whole event.

"I dare say you are TOO chill about this," someone commented.

"This is a very Canadian reaction to being trapped," another added.

Calgary Airport told Narcity they are conducting an internal investigation into the situation.

Charlie Hart
Calgary Staff Writer
Charlie Hart is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on Alberta news and is based in Calgary, Alberta.
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