Amidst all the buzz surrounding WestJet COVID-19 testing upon arrival at the Calgary airport, you may have missed the part about pre-boarding testing, as well. 

According to WestJet, it is also offering a new paid service that allows travellers who are leaving the province to get tested and receive their results within 72 hours. 

"Outbound testing enables Albertans to get where they need to go safely and minimizes the risk of anyone leaving Alberta transmitting COVID-19 to others," explained the news release. 

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$150 Per pre-boarding COVID-19 test

"This is an important step in stopping the spread of COVID-19, while getting you to the places you need to be," says the airline. 

The new service is to give passengers some reassurance that they don't have the illness while travelling. 

The program will start at the Calgary International Airport, but it will also be launched at the Vancouver Airport in November. 

"Many nations in the Caribbean, Central and South America, the Middle East and Asia require a negative test certificate within 72 hours of arrival in order to be deemed admissible to the country," the release outlines.

Therefore, if WestJet can deem you free of COVID-19, you might have an easier time entering other countries. 

The statement concludes by reminding everyone to stay aware of travel restrictions and requirements in place wherever they plan to go.