Camila Cabello & Shawn Mendes Were Spotted Getting Close In NYC & Fans Hope For A Reunion

She loves it when he calls her señorita.

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Camila Cabello. Right: Shawn Mendes.

Camila Cabello. Right: Shawn Mendes.

Fans have been rooting for Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes to get back together since they broke up in November 2021, and, now, their wish might come true. The couple has been spotted multiple times in a way that screams "more than friends."

The exes got really close at Coachella and were seen kissing. Since then, they were spotted holding hands and walking down the very public New York City streets.

With every touch, fans are saying, "ooh la la la. It's true - la la la."

On April 16, at the California music festival, Cabello admitted she was back with Mendes to paparazzi who straight up just asked.

"Hey, Camila are you and Shawn back together?"

She replied, "yes."

However, Page Six reported that a source denied those claims, and that they weren't back together.


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It might make you wonder about the credibility of that source, as the stars' actions seem to tell a different story.

Just after their steamy kiss in public, they went on a date in Los Angeles earlier this month. There, were seen laughing together and hugging.

Fans are over the moon for their possible reconciliation.

"I still can't believe it. They look so happy," one person replied to the photos. "I hope everything works out for them this time."

Another wrote that love always finds a way.

"I loved them both such a genuine couple. I’m so happy for them," a user commented.

It seems it's only a matter of time until they fess up to a summer romance, as they were publicly seen in New York City hand-in-hand.

In fact, people even think Cabello's new music drops hints at rekindling the romance and giving Mendes a second chance.

The two have not yet put anything on their personal social media pages that reveal they officially confirm they'll be having a steamy summer together, so we'll be keeping our eyes peeled for more to come.

Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
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