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Dr. Tam Says We're Nearing 'The Peak' Of This COVID-19 Wave & Here's What That Looks Like

"We remain at a critical point in the race between vaccines and variants," said Tam.

Canada's chief public health officer, Dr. Tam, released a statement on Saturday, April 10 and provided updated numbers on Canada's COVID-19 cases for the week.

"With the current acceleration of COVID-19 activity, approaching the peak of the second wave, and a concerning rise in the proportion of cases that involve more contagious variants of concern, strong public health measures and individual precautions must be sustained," Tam wrote

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She noted infection rates are currently the highest among Canadians between 20-39 years of age. 

Current numbers show data up to April 11 and including the seven days prior. It shows that most of the country's cases and deaths were reported in Ontario and Quebec last week. 

During the seven-day period, Ontario reported 25,009 new COVID-19 cases, Quebec reported 10,271, Alberta had 8,595, and B.C. came next with 5,510. 

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