This Week’s Weather Shattered Records Across The Country (VIDEO)

Almost 30 records broken!
This Week’s Weather Shattered Records Across The Country (VIDEO)

Christmas may only be 44 days away, but it definitely doesn't feel like it.

"Extraordinary, unprecedented, disconcerting, unsettling" are just some of the words The Weather Network's meteorologist Tyler Hamilton used to describe the heat that's smashing records across Canada this month.

And it's not over yet.

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For Ontario alone, nearly a dozen new records were set for high temperatures this month, with Collingwood reporting 26 C on Monday according to The Weather Network.

Sarnia, Sault Ste. Marie and Timmins reported temperatures above 20 C on Monday as well.

There were also a number of places that pushed past the 20-degree mark for the first time in November, including Toronto Island which reached 20.4 C just yesterday.

And this unusual hot streak is still continuing with other regions across the country feeling the sun's wrath as well.

Montreal reached 22.4 C yesterday and "even has a chance to rewrite that all-time record on Wednesday," said Hamilton.

Halifax also has a chance today to rewrite its November high of 20.9 C, which was recorded just yesterday.

Lance McMillan