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Morning Brief: How To Watch The Super Bowl, Netflix's Password-Sharing Crackdown & More

9 things you need to know for Friday, February 10.

​People watching an NFL game at State Farm Stadium. Right: Netflix open on a laptop.
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People watching an NFL game at State Farm Stadium. Right: Netflix open on a laptop.


We climbed the mountain; TGIF — Andrew from Narcity here. ☕

Off The Top: This Sunday's Super Bowl has been dubbed the "Kelce Bowl" as it's the first time two brothers have squared off on opposing teams in the big game. However, though the Kansas City Chiefs' Travis Kelce is now regarded as one of the best tight ends in NFL history, it was Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce who helped save his younger brother's career by vouching for Travis' career after a positive drug test during their college days at Cincinnati.

The incriminating substance? That notoriously performance-enhancing drug marijuana — just the thing an elite athlete would take to get an edge on the field.

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How Can You Watch The Super Bowl In Canada?

State Farm Stadium field for the 2023 Super Bowl. Right: People watching an NFL game at State Farm Stadium.

State Farm Stadium field for the 2023 Super Bowl. Right: People watching an NFL game at State Farm Stadium.

@statefarmstadium | Instagram

Yes, Super Bowl LVII (that's "57" for those whose parents weren't Roman centurions) is this Sunday, February 12 — which you might've gotten wind of from the blanket of media coverage over the past few weeks. In Canada, you can catch the big game (or just Rihanna's halftime performance) on television via CTV and TSN. Lisa Belmonte notes that cord-cutters can catch the festivities online with a subscription to DAZN (and I believe a TSN+ subscription will also do the trick, for what it's worth).

  • What Else: Don't get your hopes up that this will be the year that the Canadian broadcasts of the Super Bowl feature the news-making U.S. commercials again. Thanks to a 2019 Supreme Court of Canada ruling, American ads are blocked from airing in Canada — unless the U.S. companies specifically buy air time with Canadian channels.
  • My Take: You're not missing much if you can't see all the viral Doritos and Pepsi ads until they're uploaded to YouTube on Monday — although, adding insult to injury, they'll probably make you watch an ad before you can even watch the ads.

When Does Netflix's Crackdown On Password Sharing Start?

Netflix open on a laptop.

Netflix open on a laptop.

Kamachi209 | Dreamstime

We didn't know how good we had it. Effective as of Wednesday, February 8, Netflix has introduced its new anti-password sharing measures to four countries — and Canada is one of 'em. Now, Netflix account holders will have to set a "primary location;" anyone in that household will be able to continue to use Netflix as usual. However, those who don't live in that household will be pushed toward signing up for their own account. It's a bit complicated, so I'll let Janice Rodrigues explain the finer points in her piece.

  • My Take: Netflix is one thing, but Jiminy Cricket is going to have to pry my best friend's ex-girlfriend's former roommates' Disney+ login credentials from my cold, dead hands.

Which Provinces Get Family Day Off?

Parliament building in Ottawa.

Parliament building in Ottawa.

Bakerjarvis | Dreamstime

We're about a week out from that most hallowed of Canadian provincial holidays — the third Monday in February. For residents of Ontario, B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick, we'll mark the occasion as Family Day. Manitobans call it Louis Riel Day. Those in P.E.I. mark Islander Day while Nova Scotians will enjoy Nova Scotia Heritage Day. Yippee! Sarah Rohoman breaks down all the technicalities of the day in her piece.

  • Who's Left Out? Nice powers of deduction there, dear reader. You're correct; neither the provinces of Quebec nor Newfoundland and Labrador — nor any of the territories — will have anything out of the ordinary going on.
  • My Take: Just make it a federal stat holiday and call it "Holy Crap, is Winter Over Yet? Day."

What Else You Need To Know Today

The world — or Toronto, anyway — might be a more genteel place if Patrick John Gilson was running the show. Our man on the metro has eight no-brainer ideas for making Toronto's public transit system a little more hospitable. From staying clear of priority seating and being mindful of others' personal space, here's how we can all do our part on our daily commute.

Valentine's Day is this Tuesday. If you don't have a date yet, don't panic! In fact, you may as well relish in your singleness and do something fun (and probably a lot cheaper) with your pals instead. Montrealers should check out Willa Holt's roundup of good Valentines Day counter-programming in the city this year — like going to a leather-themed dance party.

Canada's West Coasters are undoubtedly aware of the looming presence of "The Big One," an earthquake that could turn the entire region on its head. Sierra Riley breaks down which areas of Vancouver are likeliest to be impacted by a major geological event — and more importantly, how Vancouverites should prepare for that inevitable day.

Fry-loving degenerates no longer have to pool the excess sauce from their burger to create an additional reservoir of dip. Tristan Wheeler notes that McDonald's Canada is now carrying individual packets of Big Mac Sauce for dipping... well, anything, I suppose, but mostly fries and McNuggets. If you do decide to dip your Baked Apple Pie in Big Mac sauce, spare us the photo evidence.

Actor Chloë Grace Moretz turns 26 years old today. Scream queen Emma Roberts is 32. Brooklyn Nine-Nine badass Stephanie Beatriz is 42. Six-time baseball all-star Lance Berkman is 47. Actor-director Elizabeth Banks is 49. Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul creator Vince Gilligan and Jurassic Park star Laura Dern both turn 56. Conservative political commentator Glenn Beck is 59. Sideways director Alexander Payne is 62. Kentucky hoops coach John Calipari is 64. Disney boss Bob Iger is 72. Beloved former Governor General Adrienne Clarkson celebrates her 84th birthday today.

Thanks for reading Narcity's Canada Morning Brief — and once the work day's in the books, pour me a big glass of red — anything but freaking merlot.

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Features Editor
Andrew Joe Potter was a Features Editor for Narcity Media Group based in Toronto, Ontario.