McDonald's Canada Just Released A New Dipping Sauce & It’s A Fry-Lover's Dream Come True

It's something McDonald's fans might already love.

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A McDonald's sign. Right: A McDonald's Big Mac.

A McDonald's sign. Right: A McDonald's Big Mac.

McDonald's Canada seems to really know what the fans want — whether it be a new burger or some festive holiday items.

The fast-food restaurant has gone and done it again by launching a fan-favourite sauce across its restaurants in Canada. However, this one's going to be around for a limited time only.

Announced on Twitter on February 7, McDonald's is going to be selling packets of their iconic Big Mac sauce to customers.

But act fast because it'll only be available until March 6, according to a statement to Narcity.

"icymi big mac sauce dips are now available in restaurants so u don’t have to collect it at the bottom of the box," the official McDonald's Canada Twitter account announced.

"ur welcome bestie."

Moreover, the sauce is going pretty cheap.

If you want a packet, it'll run you just $0.30 or you can get it as the dipping sauce with your McNuggets.

But you can get it for your burger, fries or even milkshake if you're feeling unhinged.

That means you no longer have to ask for it in a cup, bowl, or container on the sly. That's right, you can finally be spared the indignity of scrapping excess sauce off of the bottom of your cardboard Big Mac container.

If you're someone who wants to dip your french fries in something other than ketchup this is coming to a McDonald's near you!

And according to Twitter replies to the announcement, fans are already getting pumped up.

"I've been forcing the staff to fill up little cups for me for years, so this is much appreciated," is what on Twitter user said.

To which McDonald's cheekily responded "it was specifically those staff who contacted me directly about this"

Of course, McDonald's has a pretty keen eye on what might interest their customers but some menu items have gotten better reviews than others.

If you're craving more new items from McDonald's, they also launched a Carolina BBQ Quarter Pounder in December across Canada.

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