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Justin Trudeau Says Canada Is Extending 3 COVID-19 Benefits Along With EI

You can claim more money.
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As the pandemic continues, Canada's COVID-19 benefits are being extended by multiple weeks and employment insurance is being increased as well.

Justin Trudeau announced this development on February 19, saying that since the pandemic isn't over, neither is the government's support.

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This crisis isn't over—neither is our support for everyone. Justin Trudeau

Both the Canada Recovery Benefit and the Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit are being extended by 12 weeks, making the new maximum that can be claimed 38 weeks in total.

"If you need support while you look for a job or if you have to stay home to take care of your family, these benefits will continue to be there for you," Trudeau said.

He also announced that the Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit will be extended from two weeks to four weeks.

"No one should be going to work sick right now," the prime minister said.

The government is also increasing the help available under regular EI claims to 50 weeks in total, meaning there are 24 more weeks that can now be used.

Recently, Trudeau announced that CERB repayments were scrapped for certain Canadians and there would be a freeze on paying tax debt for some people.

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