Canada's Most Respected Retailers Have Been Revealed & The List Might Surprise You

No, Loblaws didn't make the cut.

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A Canadian Tire store. Right: Inside of a store in Canada.

A Canadian Tire store. Right: Inside of a store in Canada.

Aretha Franklin sang about it and now Canadians are being asked how much respect they have — for the places they shop.

And, maybe unsurprisingly, some of the most respected brands in Canada have origins in the Great White North.

A recent study by opinion polling company Maru Group has found the top ten most respected merchandise retailers in Canada, and some on the list are an honest surprise.

They determined the ranking by giving a test group of 3,835 Canadian a list of retailers and asked them to rate how much they respect them "based on [their] impression from what [they] have seen, read, heard, or personally experienced."

The options for each ranged from respecting them "very much," "somewhat," "not very much" or "not at all." With another option to indicate if they haven't heard of the company at all.

And, after taking in this data, the company was able to give each store on the list a "respect score" out of 100. And it seems that Canadians generally respect the stores they frequent, with the average respect score for all the places on the list being 65.3.

Taking the twelfth spot on the list is Mac's Convenience, which had a respect score of 58.9. This was followed by 7-Eleven in the fitting eleventh spot with a score of 59.2 and then Circle K in the tenth spot with a 59.5.

From there came Walmart (60.4), Couche-Tard (65.3), Giant Tiger (65.7) and Hudson's Bay Company (65.6).

The top five is rounded out with Dollarama in the number five slot with a score of 66.3. Then comes Best Buy (68.5), Staples (70.2) and Costco (73).

As for the most respected retailer in Canada, that honour goes to none other than Canadian Tire, which got the highest respect score of 75.3.

A big congrats to you Canadian Tire! Now don't go betraying that respect!

If you, like many Canadians out there, are a huge fan of the retailer, it's good to know that they've recently launched Triangle Select, a brand new membership program with some pretty sweet perks.

Moreover, you might want to check your apartment for old Canadian Tire money, because some bills may be more valuable than you thought!

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