Canadian Tire Money Is Selling For As Much As $3,500 & It Might Be Time To Check Your Old Bills

Have any Canadian Tire notes lying around the house? 💸

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A Canadian Tire sign. Right: Canadian Tire money.

A Canadian Tire sign. Right: Canadian Tire money.

Canadian Tire cash is something most Canadians are well-versed with and probably have lying around the house.

But did you know that Canadian Tire money can actually be a huge collector's item and that some unique bills are going for thousands of dollars at auctions?

That's right! It might sound wild that something that says "10 cents" on it could go for so much money, but, like seemingly anything these days, there is a collectors' market for it.

According to Maclean's magazine, there was a $2 Canadian Tire bill from 1989 that auctioned for over $3,000 and a 50-cent note from 1958 now worth $1,500 — a lot better than just getting a few dollars off a garden hose!

So, this would be a great time to root around your basement, coin jars and coat pockets to see what Canadian Tire bills you have sitting around.

Taking a look on eBay proves that there's a big market for vintage Canadian Tire money, especially if it's rare or there was a misprint.

One thing that has gotten a lot of love on the online auction website eBay is the reportedly rare $100 bills from the Canadian store.

The $100 Canadian Tire bill.The $100 Canadian Tire bill.leisa_83 | eBay

Just this January, one was auctioned off for $3,500, likely helped by the fact that it was never taken out of its original plastic sleeve by the seller.

Another was listed for US$2,000 and was sold to a buyer with the best offer.

Along with that, a stack of 100 $0.10 bills for the Canadian Tire gas bar that date as far back as 1972 sold on eBay for $50.

However, these aren't the only ones going for decent prices. A $0.25 bill with a printing mistake from only as far back as 2013 sold for $74.99 on the auction site.

The half-printed bill.The half-printed bill.wgs0-64 | eBay

So, it just goes to show that you don't need to have something 30 years old to make it valuable!

If you're more interested in the value of actual Canadian currency, there are some rare Canadian bills going for thousands of dollars too

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