Canada's Travel Restrictions Are Getting Taken To Court

Several people are suing the federal government in efforts to put an end to Canada's travel restrictions.

An advocacy group called the Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) says that the country's mandatory quarantine rules are "unconstitutional" and that some of the hotels themselves are operating with "inhumane conditions."

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In a statement published on March 8, the CCF says the travel mandates violate Canadian's charter rules to enter Canada and be free from "arbitrary detention" and "cruel and unusual punishment."

They state that the quarantine requirement should be stopped immediately and Canadians should receive their money back if they stayed in one of the mandatory quarantine hotels.

A group of five people are also suing the government with the CCF and arguing they should be exempt from the travel rules because they're travelling for "compassionate reasons."

"It is frankly bizarre and cruel that the federal government provides specific exemptions for compassionate travel into Canada, but not for the reverse situation of individuals travelling out of Canada for compassionate reasons," the CCF wrote.

A spokesperson from the Public Health Agency of Canada told Narcity that the Government of Canada intends to respond to the application but could not comment further.

Currently, international travellers returning to Canada must stay at a quarantine hotel for up to three days until they receive the results of a COVID-19 test while paying for the hotel room themselves.

"We don't believe that Canadian taxpayers should be on the hook for paying any part of the cost for the choice and decision that some individual has made to engage in non-essential discretionary travel," said one Canadian official in February.

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