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Canadian Heritage Is Hiring Graduates All Over Canada & There Are So Many Roles

There are positions all over the country!💰
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Canadian Heritage Is Hiring A Bunch Of Graduates Right Now & There's So Many Jobs

Calling all graduates! Canadian Heritage is hiring a bunch of graduates across Canada right now — and there’s so many different roles available.

If you’ve ever considered working in the federal government, this could be a great opportunity to get started.

Canadian Heritage has an open inventory right now and they’re looking for graduates in everything from Social Media and International Relations to Event Management, Broadcasting, Data Sciences and more.

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23 October The closing date for this inventory

While Heritage Canada isn’t hiring for one specific role, the inventory allows your to apply for multiple roles across the company with just one application.

As specific jobs become available that match your location and qualifications, you’ll be contacted about next steps and further assessments. 

Canadians with college diploma or university degrees can apply and they’re looking for graduates with expertise in International Relations, Public Policy, Innovation Techniques, Event Management, the Olympic Games and more.

The career opportunities on offer include roles within the realm of arts, heritage, culture and sports.

While the salary will depend on the position being staffed, the listing promises “excellent benefits” and “one of the top pension plans in Canada.”

Careers at Canadian Heritage

Salary: Varies (based on the position being staffed) 

Company: Canadian Heritage, Government of Canada

Why You Should Apply: If you're a recent graduate looking to make your mark within the federal government, this could be the perfect opportunity to get started!

Apply Here

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