Health Canada Is Hiring Multiple Roles In Ottawa Right Now & They Pay Up To $107K (VIDEO)

There's big bucks on offer! 🤑
Health Canada Is Hiring Multiple Roles In Ottawa Right Now & They Pay Up To $107K (VIDEO)
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If you’ve ever considered working for the government, there are some great opportunities out there right now. Health Canada is currently hiring in Ottawa, and there are various communications positions up for grabs. Even better, they’re willing to pay you up to $107,619 per year!  

If you’ve been looking for a new career opportunity, and are interested in working with the federal government, Health Canada’s Communications and Public Affairs Branch may have an opportunity for you.

Right now, they’re hiring for many communications positions, at entry and junior level, right through to intermediate and senior management level.

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The agency is looking for someone innovative, proactive and self-motivated, who has a passion for “researching and testing new trends.”

The applicant will need to be bilingual, and will ideally have experience in a relevant field, such as marketing, social media, management, communications or similar.

While a degree is preferred for this role, the job listing does say that a combination of related training and experience may serve as an “alternative to the education requirement.”

There are different roles available, depending on the applicant's working background.

Entry-level candidates need little to no experience in the field to apply, while senior-level applicants will need up to 12 years of experience.

Whether you’re at the top or the bottom of the career ladder, Health Canada is paying big bucks.

According to their job listing, annual salaries range from $57,430 to $107,619, which is pretty good going!

They’re also offering annual increases, career advancement opportunities, a generous pension scheme, flexible work schedules and increased vacation days every few years.

It’s worth noting that these roles may require you to work overtime on short notice, including weekends and evenings. That said, your flexibility is rewarded by the generous salary!

While preference will be given to Canadian citizens, “persons residing in Canada” with a valid work permit are also eligible to apply.

Various Communications Positions

Salary: $57,430 to $107,619

Company: Health Canada 

Why You Should Apply: These are seriously well-paid opportunities for anybody looking to embark on a career path within the federal government. If you've got relevant experience or education, it's perhaps worth dusting off your resume for this.

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