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Canadian Rental Prices Continue To Climb & These 14 Cities Have Seen The Biggest Increase

It's no secret that Canadian rental prices can be costly, and in multiple cities from coast to coast, the monthly cost for a one-bedroom has seen a recent jump.

According to the Zumper Canadian Rent Report that came out on September 15, a total of 14 cities from the West Coast to the East Coast have seen a recent uptick in the cost of rent.

The report monitors rental data from listings in the 24 most populated metropolitan areas in Canada and calculates median rental prices.

Vancouver is still the most expensive city to rent a one-bedroom in all of Canada, coming in at $2,100 per month, which represents a 5% increase month-over-month. Monthly prices also went up in a few other B.C. cities. In Victoria, it'll cost you $1,670 to rent a one-bedroom, which is a 0.6% increase, and in Abbotsford, it costs $1,330 which is a substantial increase of 4.7% over the previous month.

In Saskatoon, Edmonton, and Regina, prices for a one-bedroom increased month-over-month by 1.1%. This means the average price for a one-bedroom pad in Saskatoon is $950, in Edmonton it's $940, and in Regina it's $900.

According to the report, Ontario had quite a few cities on the list, and surprisingly, Toronto isn't one of them. In Barrie, a one-bedroom will cost you $1,720, which is a 4.9% increase. In Ottawa, it'll cost $1,500, which is 3.40% jump. Over in St. Catharines, rent is $1,430, or a 5.10% month-over-month increase.

In southwestern Ontario, Hamilton saw a 3.00% raise with rent averaging $1,390. In London there was a 2.40% increase, putting rent at $1,300, while in Windsor there was a 0.90% jump, meaning rent for a one-bedroom costs about $1,140.

Over in Quebec City, a one-bedroom will cost you $860, which is up by 4.90%.

And the only city in the Atlantic provinces is Halifax. A one-bedroom in Nova Scotia's capital will cost you $1,410 a month, which is up by 5.2% month-over-month.

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