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Canadian Singles Got Real About The Biggest Dating App Cliches & Some Of Y'all Got Roasted

It might be time to spruce up your profile. 🤣

A woman swiping through a dating app.

A woman swiping through a dating app.

Associate Editor

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As anyone who has ever been on a dating app in Canada will tell you, it can be rough out there.

And it only gets more difficult when all of the profiles you're swiping through have seemingly identical photos and bios, blurring all of the local singles together into one stereotypical, romance-free fog.

As someone who has been on dating apps before, I have seen my fair of cliches and have no doubt been guilty of some of these myself, too.

So, in an effort to shake things up, I asked friends and colleagues what they consider the biggest and most obvious dating app cliches — and if you have any of these on your profile, it might be time to switch it up!

Talking about pizza

Yes, we get it, you have strong opinions about pizza.

You love it, or hate it, or are convinced you alone know the best spot in the whole country for it. Or, maybe your most controversial opinion is that pineapple does belong on pizza.

Sure, your opinion is valid, but you're far from the only one out there sharing your take on the popular dish.

As a matter of fact, talking about pizza on dating profiles is so common, it's crept its way into popular culture. As one person in the latest season of Netflix's Indian Matchmaking said, some people on dating apps "make pizza their whole personality." Ouch.

Posing with fish

Fishing may be a favourite pastime and, of course, we all love to share our hobbies — but there is something a little disorientating about opening an app only to see photo after photo of dead fish being thrust up like trophies.

Besides being the opposite of eye candy, it also might not be having the distinguishing effect you want it to... especially if everyone else has pictures of dead fish in different sizes as their profile pic too.

Gym Selfies

Working out is great, and many people who do enjoy hitting the gym feel confident putting their figure on full display on dating apps.

That being said, selfies taken in gym washrooms have become so common they're just cliches at this point.

You particularly lose points if that's the only thing on your dating profile and if there are a bunch of people (or an actual toilet) in the background. Yikes.

Cheesy lines

There are some lines that everyone who has ever been on a dating app has seen numerous times, and they get less and less funny every time you spot them.

  • "Time person of the year 2006" — This is one line that needs to be retired permanently.
  • "I'll fall for you if… you trip me" — Truly, this among the worst of them.
  • "Looking for my future ex-wife" — Are you seriously already planning to ditch a person you haven't met?
  • "Looking for someone who doesn’t take themselves very seriously" — This is almost always a blanket excuse to say inappropriate things.
  • "No drama" — As opposed to all the people actively looking for drama, right?
  • "Looking for the Pam to my Jim" — Sorry, but this is so overused at this point.

If you're struggling for inspiration, there are a bunch of very Canadian pickup lines out there to try, and some of them are absolutely hilarious.

Even ChatGPT has some pick-up line advice, although that can get plenty weird too.

The globetrotter

Travelling is a privilege and it is incredible if an individual has the passion – and the means – to visit numerous places around the world, but there are some people who make vacationing their entire dating app personality.

We're talking, of course, of the people who say they've been to "XXX" countries with loads of flags following.

This is, after all, a dating app and not your personal travel blog. Sorry, not sorry.

Using dating apps to get followers

Who doesn't love a little extra attention on social media? That being said, there are genuine ways to get new followers — and using dating apps is not one of them.

If a bio just says: "IG: xxx" or features some text about how they're never on the app and to hit them up via Instagram instead, chances are it's a follow trap.

You're likely going to be just another follower, now privy to every aspect of this person's life through their Insta stories, without ever actually getting a full-length conversation in return.

The "find me" photos

Dating can be tough and it's even harder if you can't tell who you're supposed to be going on a date with.

We're talking about those profiles which feature a bunch of photos that leave it very much up to the viewers' imagination who they are talking to.

Some even make a fun stressful game out of the whole thing, asking the person to "guess" who they are among the group or to guess their nationality... both of which can go very wrong.

The pet pics

Okay, this one is totally understandable.

Any pet parent knows that their fur child is an integral part of their lives and it makes sense to include a picture of their adorable furry faces on a dating app.

In fact, it could even help jumpstart a new conversation or bring animal-lovers together.

That being said, this method of wooing another has proven to be so popular that just about every profile these days has a pet in it.

And it gets a bit odd when it's not even your pet that you're showing off, instead just a random cute pup that you might have posed with on the street.

While it might seem rough when you're going through profile after profile, don't give up! There are actually loads of Canadians who have meet their significant others via dating apps — and some of the stories are surprisingly romantic.

As a matter of fact, Narcity Canada recently asked Canadians how they met their partners, and some had the best tales, and yes, that includes on the dating apps!

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