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Canadian TikToks Perfectly Show The Awkwardness Of Being Late (VIDEO)

The feeling of pure Canadian nostalgia is a potent thing, and these Canadian TikTok videos are tapping right to the heart of it with their hilarious videos about being late for class.

Plenty of people no doubt remember their school having a rule about no moving in the hall once the national anthem started playing, but these TikToks are hilarious whether your school made you stand still or not.


Felt like this was every Friday 😭 In collaboration with @josephofficial__ #canadianschools #canada🇨🇦 #narcity

Both videos perfectly encapsulate the anxiety and awkwardness of trying to navigate the bizarre rule and either keep perfectly still or try and make a break for it without anyone noticing.

The TikToks — one by user @josephofficial___ and the other by @ashicakesxox — are part of a growing trend of Canadian nostalgia videos for millennial and Gen Z enjoyment alike.


#greenscreen #canadianproblems #ohcanada #school #memories

That trend even extends to the silver screen. Pixar's newest film Turning Red has a bunch of early 2000s easter eggs in its new trailer that will trigger all sorts of nostalgia.

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