Canadians Can Apply To Be Contestants On Super Popular Dating & Reality Shows & Here's How

You might just be taking home millions of dollars — or the love of your life!

Farmer Kirkland from Farming for Love. Right: A photo from the Squid Game: The Challenge.
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Farmer Kirkland from Farming for Love. Right: A photo from the Squid Game: The Challenge.

Courtesy of CTV, Pete Dadds | Netflix.

If you've ever wanted to find love on TV or share your next big idea with the world, there are plenty of opportunities for you to do just that.

Dragons' Den and The Ultimatum are just two of the big-name programs that are looking for contestants to be on their shows and Canadians are welcome to apply.

The premise for each show is different, so perhaps you'll find something that speaks to you.

From dating a farmer to sharing your business ideas with some dragons, here are the shows you can apply for.

Farming for Love

If you're looking for love and you have a thing for farmers, then perhaps you'll want to consider applying to be a part of CTV's dating show Farming for Love.

The network is currently looking for contestants for its second season and applications are open.

As part of the show, six farmers will be inviting daters to live and work alongside them. People who apply to be a part of the show will be required to fully immerse themselves in a series of farming chores, activities and intimate one-on-one dates, as listed on the show's website.

Anyone who is interested can apply to date six different farmers ranging in ages from 23 to 35. You can read each of their bios online to see which farmer you would be interested in applying to date.

Each farmer also has a FAQ listed on the website where you read about their interests, what the most interesting thing about them is and what they are looking for in a partner.

Aside from applying online, you can also meet casting producers at several events happening across Canada this summer.

These are the events happening in July:

  • July 8: Jazz Festival in Saskatoon
  • July 8: Calgary Stampede in Calgary
  • July 8: VCBW Craft Beer Festival in Vancouver
  • July 9: Pride Day @ Toronto Blue Jays in Toronto
  • July 15: TD Art Gallery Paint In Street Festival in Victoria

Farming for Love Season 2will be filmed sometime in summer/fall 2023 and participants will need to be available to film from early September until late October.

Squid Game: The Challenge

If you were a fan of the hit Netflix show Squid Game and are looking to make some cash (and a lot of it), then here's a chance for you to combine the two.

A reality competition show called Squid Game: The Challengeis looking for people to join its cast. The Netflix website says the application process is ongoing and applicants will need to submit a one-minute video.

In 2022, Netflix put out a casting call looking for 456 players to join its cast for Season 1. As for the prize? A whopping $4.56 million prize. Yes, you read that right. According to Netflix, it will be the largest "cast and the biggest lump-sum cash prize in reality TV history."

The network says the competition will consist of a mix of games inspired by the show, as well as some new ones as well.

Unlike the show, the players will not be risking their lives for the prize.

Season 1 casting is now closed, so it looks like the application process is currently looking for applicants for future seasons.

Anyone who is over 18 years old and a resident of Canada, the U.S., the U.K., or Ireland can apply.

Dragons' Den

If you're an entrepreneur and have been contemplating next steps with your business, perhaps pitching it to a Dragon on national TV is the way to go.

The CBC show Dragons' Den is coming back for Season 19 next year and is currently looking for people to be on the show.

Anyone who is interested can fill out an application online. It consists of about 40 questions, including a 30-60 second elevator pitch.

According to the CBC website, auditions will kick off in February 2024 and the network will be hosting both virtual and in-person auditions in a few major cities in Canada.

However, even if you plan on attending an in-person audition, you still have to fill out the online application.

The network will begin contacting select applicants in February to schedule an audition. Those who make it to the filming stage will need to be available for one to two days to film in Toronto in spring 2024.

Applicants must be based in Canada to be on the show and founders of the business should be residents of Canada or currently living in the country.

If you're looking for tips on how to audition for the show, you can read about what the process looks like and what you should bring with you here.

Love Is Blind

If you've binged every season of Love Is Blind then why not try out the process for yourself? That's right, you can apply to find your forever partner in the pods.

The premise of the show is singles falling in love with a person they don't get to actually see until after they're engaged.

Then the newly engaged couples go on a romantic getaway where they spend some quality time together before going back to reality and planning their wedding.

Canadian residents who are interested in embarking on their own LIB journey will need to start off by submitting a one-minute video.

The application process also involves a questionnaire of over 70 questions, including some personal ones like your dating history, whether you want kids in the future, why you're single and what's been missing from your former relationships.

Although it may seem like a wild idea, seven couples who got married on the show are happily married to this day!

The Ultimatum

If you're currently in a relationship and feel stuck because your partner isn't ready to take the next step, then perhaps it's time to give them an ultimatum and be on The Ultimatum.

Kinectic Content, the company behind the hit Netflix show, is currently looking for couples to be part of future seasons of the show.

Anyone who is interested can fill out the application online.

The application has over 40 questions, including the basics like your name and your partner's names, education, and a photo of you two.

It then dives into the deeper questions like what your ideal next step is in your relationship, what the biggest problem has been with you and your partner and what changes you're hoping for.

Applicants will also be asked to explain any regrets they have in terms of their relationship and whether they've ever questioned if "the grass is greener with someone else."

The casting call is open to all couples and is LGBTQ+ friendly.

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