Netflix Is Casting For Future 'Love Is Blind' Seasons & The Questionnaire Is Intense

Why do you think you're single?

Brennon Lemieux and Alexa Alfia. Right: Colleen Reed.
Associate Editor

Brennon Lemieux and Alexa Alfia. Right: Colleen Reed.

Patrick Wymore | Netflix, Courtesy of Netflix

With another season of Love Is Blind now over, the Netflix casting call is once again open for anyone who is interested in finding love in the pods.

Before being cast on the Netflix reality series you'll have to go through a questionnaire that will require you to dig deep as you go through a list of over 70 questions.

According to one of the producers of the show, Mary Myers, the show is currently seeking out "brave and open-minded" people in North Carolina, Florida, Michigan and Washington, D.C.

So if you're interested in being a part of the pod squad, you can get started on an application. While some of the 73 questions are pretty standard, others will require some deep thought and self-reflection.

The questions start off with the basics like your name, birthday, education, ethnicity and occupation.

Then you'll be asked to upload a 15-second video explaining why "you're ready to find love in the pods." That doesn't seem like a lot of time so make it convincing!

The questionnaire also asks for your "best face photo" and a complete "body shot." Apparently love is blind, but casting is not.

Then it starts going into the more personal questions like describing your dating history, whether you've been married before, how many children you have or if you want children in the future.

Some of the more intense questions include why you think you're single, why you think you're a catch and what's been missing emotionally from previous relationships.

If you're going on the dating show you'll also need to know what kind of mate you're looking for. What are their top qualities and what are your deal breakers? Also, what does your perfect match look like physically and what are some traits you're physically not attracted to?

Lastly, you'll be asked for three personal references and whether you're vaccinated.

If that seems like a lot to go through, it is depending on what you compare it to.

The process is definitely a lot more intense than certain medical ones or perhaps certain job applications.

For example, to donate blood, you just need to ensure you're in good health, at least 17 years old and meet certain height and weight requirements.

While various jobs have different application requirements, we compared the Love Is Blind application to applying for a job at Google.

Not surprisingly, Google has a more in-depth job application process than other positions like working in retail or the food industry.

At Google the process is done in stages, including sending in a resume, completing an online assessment, a short virtual chat and possibly completing a small project. If that all goes well then you'll be asked to do an "in-depth" interview.

Taking all of this into consideration, finding a partner is a big deal and can be a lifelong decision. So how much is too much when it comes to filling out an application?

Based on the comments on Myers' Instagram casting post, many people are not put off by the questionnaire and are willing to apply.

If you're still unsure, you can get caught up with the third season of Love Is Blind on Netflix and make a decision afterwards.

Asymina Kantorowicz
Associate Editor
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