Netflix's 'Love Is Blind' Cast Salaries Were Revealed & They Make Less Than You Think

They also have to cover certain expenses! 👰🤵

​Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed-Hamilton. Right: Mallory Zapata and Salvador Perez.
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Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed-Hamilton. Right: Mallory Zapata and Salvador Perez.

Courtesy of Netflix.

Love Is Blind season 3 is underway on Netflix and many viewers may be wondering how much the contestants are paid to go on the show to try and find love.

We found out and it's less than you may think.

Not only that but while the show covers some expenses, others come out of pocket.

So who pays for the apartments, the romantic getaways, the wedding details and the time the contestants take off work?

Here's what we found out.

Are you paid to be on "Love Is Blind"?

While the true prize is walking away with a husband or wife, stars of Love Is Blind are paid to be there.

In a lawsuit filed by season 2 contestant Jeremy Hartwell in July 2022, it was revealed that contestants on the Netflix show are paid $1,000 per week during filming. That works out to $8,000 for the duration of filming, US Weekly reports.

One person who was associated with the show confirmed the details to Narcity, saying that contestants received $1,000 a week. The source asked not to be identified publicly, and several other cast members we reached out to declined to comment.

If you don't think that's a lot of money, neither did Hartwell.

In the lawsuit, Hartwell pointed out that what the show paid was "less than half of the applicable minimum wage rate of $15.00 per hour" in California.

A source close to the show echoed the same thing in an interview with Women's Health.

"The participants are paid little if anything," they said to the media outlet. "They are truly in it to find love!"

Does "Love Is Blind" pay for travel expenses?

Each season the couples who get engaged go on a romantic getaway before heading home.

In seasons 1 and 2 that getaway was to Mexico and in season 3 they went to Malibu.

If you add up meals, transportation and hotels, the costs can add up.

Luckily, a source told Narcity that production does cover those expenses as well as the apartment the couples stay in after the trip.

Does "Love Is Blind" pay for the wedding?

When it comes to the wedding, you would think Netflix would pay for the entire event because it's part of the show.

They actually only pay for part of it.

A person connected to the show confirmed to Narcity that the rings and the basics of the wedding are covered. Those basics include venue, food and music if the couple goes through with the wedding.

However, anything additional comes out of the pocket of those who are getting married.

"Of course, production supplies some of the basics, but because these are their real weddings, it’s up to them as to how to spend their money," a source said to Women's Health.

Narcity reached out to both Netflix and Kinetic Content, the production company behind the show, for a comment. We did not hear back by the time the story was published.

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