Chrishell Stause Dunked On Bartise From 'Love Is Blind' & She Doesn’t Buy His 'Zaddy' Status

She has a very serious question for him.

Chrishell Stause. Right: Bartise Bowden and his son.
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Chrishell Stause. Right: Bartise Bowden and his son.

There’s some serious reality TV crossfire going on right now and Chrishell Stause from Selling Sunset is coming after Bartise Bowden from Love Is Blind.

Stause isn’t the biggest fan of Bowden and she’s definitely not trying to hide that from the world.

The reality TV real estate agent decided to leave a sly comment under a post quoting Bowden calling himself ‘Zaddy.’

The post was made by ENews, and featured a photo of Bowden with a text over top quoting the former Love Is Blind star saying: “Zaddy on the screen to daddy in real life.”

Stause threw some subtle shade at the Love Is Blind star for referring to himself as an onscreen “zaddy" and responded to an Instagram post on Sunday, April 9th, with the comment, "Who keeps lying to this man?”

Stause's comment has garnered over 12,200 likes so it seems like people are feeling Stause’s dig at Bowden.

Chrishell Stause's comment under the post about Bartise Bowden. Chrishell Stause's comment under the post about Bartise Bowden.

The comment from Stause comes just days after Bowden announced the birth of his son on Instagram. In a series of photos and videos posted to his Instagram, Bowden can be seen with the little boy in his arms, watching The Masters golf tournament, and celebrating St. Patrick's Day together.

His Instagram post’s caption read: “Might’ve been the villain on tv, but I’m gonna be the hero for him. Instagram, meet my little man.”

While Bowden has not revealed who the mother of his child is, or if he is currently in a relationship, he has been open about his portrayal as the "villain" in the third season of Love Is Blind.

In a Q&A session last November, Bowden admitted that he looked like a "dumbass", and was arrogant, insensitive, and selfish on the show, reported ET Online. He also shared that watching the show back was a blessing because he was able to learn and grow from his mistakes.

Stause's subtle dig at Bowden may be seen by some as a light-hearted and funny comment, but it's also a reminder that Bowden did some serious damage to his rep because of how he acted on the show.

So, it’s safe to say not everyone is a fan of the Love Is Blind star. While Bowden may have gained a following from the show, his behaviour on the show wasn't always well received.

Sameen Chaudhry
Global Staff Writer
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