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Canada Has Numbers On How Many People Had Adverse Reactions To The COVID-19 Vaccine

Nothing unexpected has happened so far though according to Dr. Theresa Tam.
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Now that people are getting doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, Canada is sharing the numbers on how many people have adverse reactions and other information about immunization.

Dr. Theresa Tam spoke on January 8 about how weekly reports will be updated every Friday afternoon to include new information on reactions.

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As with any new undertaking, we all have questions. Dr. Theresa Tam

It's possible for people to experience side effects like common, mild ones such as soreness at the site of injection and a slight fever or rare, serious ones such as a severe allergic reaction, according to Dr. Tam.

She also noted that these reports will include any health problems that come after someone has received a dose, but they might not necessarily be caused by the vaccine.

As of January 1, there have been nine adverse reactions reported across the country.

However, Dr. Tam also said that no unexpected COVID-19 vaccine safety issues have been identified to date.

Since "we all have questions" about the vaccine, Dr. Tam said the weekly reports are meant to give Canadians regularly updated information to help them make decisions about vaccines.

Canada plans to have everyone vaccinated by the end of 2021.

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