Dr. Tam Says COVID-19 Variants May Already Be Spreading Through Community Transmission

The number of variant cases is still low in Canada, though.
COVID-19 Variants In Canada Might Already Be Spreading Through Community Transmission
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According to Dr. Theresa Tam, COVID-19 variants in Canada might already be spreading through community transmission.

The country's top doctor put out a statement on January 20 that touched on the emergence of virus variants around the world and how they're spreading in Canada.

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To ensure that virus variants that can spread more easily do not take hold, there is even greater urgency to suppress COVID-19 activity in Canada. Dr. Theresa Tam

She said that it's common for new variants to pop up as viruses spread.

The Public Health Agency of Canada is monitoring the emergence of variants in order to identify ones that are concerning internationally and in Canada.

Dr. Tam said the number of Canadian cases that have been identified as a variant of concern is limited, but "community transmission may already be occurring" as people who tested positive recently had no travel history.

She noted that public health measures are still effective against these new variants, even though some can spread more easily.

Dr. Tam also said that "there is even greater urgency to suppress COVID-19 activity in Canada" to make sure that variants don't surge.

Recently, Justin Trudeau said that every Canadian who wants a COVID-19 vaccine will get one by September.

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