One of the most mysterious things that happened in the infamous 2020 was the appearance of multiple strange silver monoliths.

Starting in Utah, these strange metal structures have popped up all around the world, and now they're back for more in 2021 after one has been spotted in North Texas.

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89 Monoliths discovered since November 2020

The latest to join the group seems to be a little shorter, thicker, and slightly less polished than the others and was spotted off the famed Trinity Trail in Fort Worth.

The other monoliths appeared in Utah, California, Romania, Nevada, The Netherlands, England, Colorado, Colombia, and across Canada.

Much like those, it is not yet known who placed it nor why it was at that specific location, but many speculate that it could be aliens.

While others think the monoliths could be just a radical form of viral marketing for an upcoming show or movie.

But you can bet on seeing more pop up in the near future, as it seems we have not yet fully escaped the strangeness of 2020.