On Thursday, January 7, a new Alberta monolith appeared in Edmonton but the origins of this one are a little less "mysterious" than in the past. 

This particular monolith, one of several that have popped up around Canada, is in front of a metal shop. Coincidence? Absolutely not. 

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Narcity got in touch with Brent Siermachesky of Alberta Custom Metal who told us that they did, in fact, fabricate the monolith that stands outside their shop. 

"Not aliens," said Siermachesky. "Edmonton needs their own monolith, not just a big set of shiny balls on the Whitemud," he explained. 

The metal structure is locally made and suffices as a great reminder to "support local," Siermachesky told us.  

If you're looking to feast your eyes on one of these notable structures that are being erected around the world, all you have to do is head over to 5924-99 St. N.W. in Edmonton.

We admit it's less spooky than the others that have appeared and vanished without any indication of where they came from. 

But, a metal statue is a metal statue, right?