Bonnie & Clyde's relationship was one that many people admire. Whether it be the complete and total trust they had in one another, their 'risk-taker' nature or the actual crimes they committed together, to this day, the pair has the tendency to capture anyone's attention. One interesting fact about the couple that might interest Dallasites is that both Bonnie and Clyde's burial sites are in Dallas, Texas.

After running from city to city across the midwest majority of time during their two-year crime spree, both of them now rest in their beloved hometown.

Though relatively close to one another, the partners in crime are still quite a few miles apart in completely different cemeteries which have definitely upset some people, including their family members.

According to Dayton's Daily News, the only reason that they were buried separately in the first place is because of the fact that Bonnie's mother insisted.

Bonnie Parker was laid to rest in Crown Hill Memorial Park after being moved from her original burial site, West Dallas' Fish Trap Cemetery, due to reoccurring vandalism.

When you're notorious for committing bank robberies, either people love you or they hate you.

Clyde Barrow's gravestone can be found in the Western Heights Cemetery.

Clyde's brother Marvin Ivan "Buck" Barrow, another member of the gang, rests right next to Clyde.

The sites weren't able to be viewed publically until the year 2014 which was the year of the 80th anniversary of the couple's dramatic deaths.

In a police chase, they were both shot multiple times by many officers and even civilians.

Both individuals get visitors quite frequently and if you're up for the exploration, you can visit both on the same day since they're only nine miles apart.

If you ever plan on stopping by the cemeteries in the future, make sure to bring your pennies!