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Kylie Jenner’s Assistant Is Your Typical Texas Girl But Still Lives The Kardashian Lifestyle

Forget Travis Scott, she's basically Kylie's "Instagram boyfriend".

Texas Staff Writer
A selfie of Maguire Admunsen. RIght: Admunsen poses with Kylie Jenner on vacation.

A selfie of Maguire Admunsen. RIght: Admunsen poses with Kylie Jenner on vacation.

This past weekend a TikTok video featuring Kylie Jenner and a blonde girl dancing together was posted to the app by @maguireamundsen. Many people in the comment section mentioned they were confused by the girl's identity and some even questioned if the video was real or not.

After further investigation by some fans of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, viewers figured out that she is actually Kylie Jenner's personal assistant, Maguire Amundsen.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she has been Jenner's executive assistant since March 2019. She currently lives in Dallas, Texas, for the most part.

When she's not in the Lone Star State, Amundsen is seen attending red carpet events and going on tropical vacations with Jenner's family.

The Dallas citizen nevertheless appears to be good friends with Jenner, as they're seen in various Instagram photos and TikToks together.

In an Instagram Q&A posted in February, Admunsen said that she is from Oklahoma City, and moved to the Dallas area from Los Angeles, California, in order to be closer to her family living three hours away. She now runs her own consulting agency called The Gracefull Project from the Texan city.

At a glance through her Instagram, you can find her sharing her best spots in DTX like her favorite workout sessions at SculptHouse or a Tex-Mex meal at Mi Cocina. Much of her TikTok account also shows glimpses into her of her life in Texas, and the little bit of time she still spends in LA.

Amundsen is the girl behind a lot of Kylie's content like some silly TikToks and her famously exquisite Instagram photos. She's even captured by paparazzi in various places while taking photos of Jenner.

Khlo\u00e9 Kardashian commenting on Maguire Amundsen's content. Khloé Kardashian commenting on Maguire Amundsen's content. @maguireamundsen | Instagram

Some of Jenner's sisters seem to support Admunsen, too. For example, Khloe Kardashian recently commented "You’re so cute" on one of her photos.

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