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7 Whataburger Secret Menu Items You Didn't Know You Needed In Your Life

Whataburger has one of the most extensive secret menus in all of fast food!

Georgia Contributing Writer
A chicken sandwich from Whataburger. Right: A Whataburger sign. ​

A chicken sandwich from Whataburger. Right: A Whataburger sign.

Whataburger is known for serving flavorful, larger-than-life burgers 24 hours a day to throngs of hungry patrons across the country looking for a quick fix.

But many aren't aware that this American chain has one of the most extensive secret menus in all of fast food.

Whataburgers secret menu features drinks, custom entrées, and breakfast items that are as creative as they are filling.

Here are seven of our favorite secret menu items you didn't know you needed in your life.

While these hacks are popular, they might not be available at all Whataburger locations.

Whataburger's "Secret Grilled Cheese" 


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Price: $1.79

This is perhaps the most classic offering off the secret menu. It is exactly what it sounds like, just two slices of cheese of your choice sandwiched between two pieces of toast.

The most alluring thing about this menu item is how cheap it is, costing less than $2 for the entrée. You can't really go wrong with something as classic as grilled cheese.

Whataburger's "Secret Chicken & Pancakes"


Breakfast menu is fire #whataburger #chicken #belgian #belgianwaffle #beligianpancakes

Price: $7.98

You've heard of chicken and waffles, but at Whataburger you can take it to the next level with chicken and pancakes.

You can order a side of the pancakes à la carte ($2.99) and add a side of their chicken strip ($4.99) to create your own breakfast dish. Top it with syrup and their honey butter sauce for the full experience.

The chain serves breakfast from 11 p.m. -11 a.m., making this the perfect late night sweet fix.

Whataburger's "Secret Hulk Drink"

Price: $2.19

This colorful soft drink is a combination of 1/4 Powerade and 3/4 Vault soda.

The result is a neon green concoction that will stain your tongue while giving you a sugar rush.

Whataburger's "Secret Veggie Burger"

Price: $4.69

A great vegetarian option you can order is the veggie burger. Just order a simple Whataburger but ask to sub out the meat and add a hash brown patty.

The burger will come loaded up with tomato, onions, lettuce, pickles and mustard, with the addition of the savory potato patty.

Whataburger's "Secret Breakfast On A Bun Ranchero Style"

Price: $3.29

The breakfast on a bun is a classic sausage, egg and American cheese staple sandwich. If you order this entrée "Ranchero Style" they will add diced jalapeños to the scrambled egg, and Picante sauce to heat things up.

Whataburger's "Secret Triple-Triple"

Price: $9.49

This is Whataburgers' take on the In-N-Out classic. You can order your burger with triple meat with cheese melted in between each layer, topped with veggies.

This filling secret menu item allows you your choice of American, Monterey Jack, or blue cheese.

Whataburger's "Secret Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich"

Price: $5.79

You can make your own honey BBQ chicken strip sandwich by ordering the chicken strips with two sides of toast and your choice of dipping sauce.

Build the sandwich yourself by layering their famous honey BBQ sauce over the chicken strips between the toast. You can even add a slice of melty cheese to take the meal to the next level.

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    Maeve Browne
    Georgia Contributing Writer
    Maeve Browne is a Contributing Writer for Narcity’s USA Desk focused on food and Internet trends and is based in Savannah, Georgia.
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