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Donald Trump Is Still Tweeting About The US Election Result & Says He 'Will Win'

It's been almost three weeks since the American people voted.
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Donald Trump Is Still Tweeting About The US Election Result & Says He 'Will Win'

Almost three weeks after Americans headed to the polls, Donald Trump is still tweeting about the U.S. election and its results.

It appears the incumbent president is still not prepared to accept defeat, as he tweeted late on Sunday that he “will win.” 

This comes despite projected results calling Joe Biden as the winner two weeks ago.

While both Biden and Kamala Harris have already delivered victory speeches, Trump continues to claim the election process was fraudulent.

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In the tweet on November 22, Trump said that there were more votes than people who voted in some states. “We will win!” he added.

Over the weekend, he also claimed that some Americans "voted through a fake ballot" and said his team would uncover "massive and unprecedented fraud."

"We will find massive numbers of fraudulent ballots," he wrote in another post.

Like many of his recent social media posts, the tweets were all marked by Twitter as potentially misleading with the message, “This claim about election fraud is disputed.”

Former President Barack Obama spoke candidly about Trump’s impact on Canada-U.S. relations last week, saying the relationship could be “mended relatively quickly” when Biden takes over.

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