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Florida Might Be Honoring Donald Trump In A Big Way

A tribute that would stretch for miles.
Florida Might Be Honoring Donald Trump In A Big Way

Donald Trump's term as president has officially ended and he is now down south to the Mar-a-Lago in Florida.

His new home state may also be home to his own presidential highway, as a state representative has introduced a new bill that would rename U.S. Highway 27 as "President Donald J. Trump Highway."

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481 Miles Length of Highway 27 in Florida 

Florida State Representative Anthony Sabatini announced through Twitter that he would be sponsoring the amendment to rename the highway and that he is looking forward to honoring "the greatest President in American History."

The massive highway goes pretty much straight through the state of Florida, stretching all the way from Miami to Tallahassee.

Some residents in Florida were not very happy about the announcement.

Others would love to see Trump's name while driving on the massive highway.

The matter will be discussed at the state's upcoming legislative session, which lasts 60 days starting on March 2.

It is not yet known which state representatives are for or against the bill.

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