Dua Lipa Is Getting Sued For 'Levitating' & Bands Say It Sounds Like These 3 Songs

Can you hear it?

Dua Lipa.
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Dua Lipa.

One of Dua Lipa's most popular songs on TikTok is suddenly coming back to bite her, and she's now being accused of ripping off a decades-old melody to make one of her biggest hits.

The British artist, who is currently on her Future Nostalgia Tour, is facing two lawsuits over copyright infringement for her hit single "Levitating."

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In one lawsuit, the 26-year-old is being accused of duplicating the melody of two songs — the 1979 song "Wiggle and Giggle All Night" by Cory Daye and "Don Diablo," a 1980 song by the famous Spanish singer Miguel Bosé. Songwriters L. Russell Brown and Sandy Linzer claim that the intro melody copies fragments of their songs, reports the Guardian.

If you listen to the first 25-30 seconds of either song and the first 15 seconds of "Levitating," you'll hear the similarities.

The lawsuit names Lipa, rapper DaBaby and their record label, Warner Music Group, among others who were involved.

It also claims that the disputed bits have become even more famous because they've been used so much on TikTok.

According to Billboard, the lawsuit says that "the signature melody is the most listened to and recognizable part of the infringing works and plays a crucial role in their popularity."

"In seeking nostalgic inspiration, defendants copied plaintiffs' creation without attribution," the lawsuit alleges.

The U.S. band Artikal Sound System filed its own lawsuit last week, in which they accused Lipa of using their song "Live Your Life" as inspiration for the song.


The Reggae band Artikal Sound System is sueing Dua Lipa over “Levitating”, do you think this is a reach or not? #dualipa #levitating #music #lawsuit

The band says the choruses for the two songs are very similar and it's "highly unlikely that 'Levitating' was created independently," according to the lawsuit obtained by Paper Magazine.

"Levitating" spent 68 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming the number-one song of 2021 and the longest-running top-10 song ever by a female artist, according to Billboard.

Lipa and her team have not yet commented on or responded to the accusations.

Cata Balzano
Global Staff Writer