If there's one thing The Peach State does best, it's welcoming new and popular restaurants to its food scene. There's always something different to try and different authentic restaurants you can expand your palate at. Now there's a new eatery just outside of Atlanta that's serving up amazing Cuban cuisine from a super unique location.

Cubanos ATL Cuban Sandwich and Coffee Shop opened on August 1 in Sandy Springs, Georgia, just a little outside of Atlanta. It's situated on Roswell Road in a plaza shopping center lot.

What makes this new restaurant unique is that it's actually a hand-built, completely custom tiny house.

The owner of the shop, Cuban-born Ozzy Llanes, is the one who built this incredible new eatery. Narcity spoke with Llanes, who says he built the tiny house in his driveway, following it up with a "my wife loved it, NOT. Lol."

Llanes says he believes that Cubanos ATL's tiny eatery on wheels is the first of its kind โ€” though there are similar shipping container parks or restaurants dishing out delicious eats.

This spot specializes in Cuban sammies, all made on authentic Cuban bread with locally sourced ingredients, according to their website.

You'll find three sandwiches on the menu: the "El Miami" made with has pork, ham, and swiss cheese, the "El Tampa" with pork, ham, salami, and swiss cheese and the "El Pollo" that has chicken, pickles, swiss cheese, and an aioli sauce.

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