Get ready ice cream lovers, there's a new kid in town. Where's The Scoop Rolled Ice Cream is opening its second new location today, August 21, in Alpharetta, Georgia.

The Thai treat-inspired shop's ice cream is made with dairy from Georgia-based Mountain Fresh Creamery and has a rainbow of different flavor combinations and topping possibilities.


A customer once calculated that we have over 37 million flavor combinations possible on daily basis!

Where's The Scoop

Aside from the oh-too-satisfying-to-watch-be-made rolled ice creams, this shop also serves up teas, bubble tea, and coffee drinks to go with your sweet treat

For the grand opening weekend, today, August 21, the first 25 guests get a free T-shirt; on Saturday, August 22, the first 100 guests get free fun-sized ice cream; and on Sunday, August 23, the first 50 bubble tea orders get a free bubble tea metal straw.

You can check out the grand opening at 26 Old Roswell St., Suite 102, Alpharetta, GA, starting at 6 p.m. tonight, August 21.

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